Since 1985, Aeria–aISO 9001 certified company- design and produce highly reliable
            and innovative electrical equipments to meet efficiently to the specificity of their
            customers' needs.

Our range of competences includes the design, the production, the installation as well as the maintenance of equipments in multiple industries such as metallurgy, plasturgy, paper, textile and nuclear energy production, logistics, public transport, hydroelectricity, concrete production and ski lifts.









What quality means for us:

 "Increase our customers' satisfaction"

Our customers are expecting from their suppliers to provide solutions in terms of equipment reliability, availability, maintenance-easiness andperturbation resilience.:


 Our products are using highly reliable contactors (6 to 30 millions movements) monitoring safety and order procedures.

We are using a monitoring interface equiped with a large high-brightness colour touch screen bringing ergonomy and conviviality to the end user to reduce diagnosis time.
The components - variator, functional automate, safety and controlling automate - are all interconnected.

The use of the Ethernet, the Internet and USB connections enables the user to record and analyse instantly and remotely the equipment in operation, at each stop and any alerts.



Our competences are recognised in the design and production of automated systems for driving motor engine order and speed control.

The order control can include fuctionnal and safety automates with software designed under the Software Quality Scheme (PQL) and monitoring interfaces.